Looking for a Pet was a very stressful time for us, dealing with the shelters and websites that did not update their list of pets or didn’t respond to our inquiries. After having to driving over 3 hours while playing phone tag, praying that dog we wanted was still available, our family was finally able to adopt a little Corgi that was 4 months old. The process of finding, contacting, and finally adopting this adorable Corgi inspired us to create an app that would help others experience a quicker, easier, and fun way to find a furry friend.

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Our App provides a fun easy way to search for local pets in your area whether they have paws or claws. PetPalz not only connects you with pets in your area, which is constantly updated throughout the day, will also notify you when your favorite pet becomes available in your area and much more! PetPalz is your Premium pet adoption app, made for adopting and finding your Pet a new home.

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